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Company Ltd Neomet Prijedor was established in 1999 with main activity of the company is installation of technological equipment and technological pipelines in the food industry, power plants and pipelines and installation of structural steel.

A short time of our existence we have used to acquire the confidence of investors, both in terms of quality of performance radovatako in terms of timing and speed of project implementation.

Recognition of the quality and reliability of the company Neomet be easily seen from the reference liste.Ponosni ourselves to be outside the borders of the Republic of Serbian and BiH, investors and manufacturers of technology equipment is treated as a the best partner worthy of trust.

The company employs 38 workers, among which we highlight the high quality welders and pipe workers with which he has performed in projects in the food industry, with special emphasis on the preparation and welding of stainless steel.

The company has superior quality equipment especially in welding work, all welders have a certificate of professional competence in welding procedures issued by the Institute of Materials Testing RS Banja Luka.

Ltd. The company owns and Neomet decision on fulfillment of the requirements for the construction of buildings, as well as the license for the works on the installation of mechanical installations for which building permits issued by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the serial number 4696/11.Takođe have a solution of the Ministry of Industry , Energy and Mining to perform:

1 Locksmith - welding work in the preparation, installation, repair and overhaul of power plant equipment and pressure equipment and preparation of appropriate documentation

2 Installation of mechanical installation is synergetic facilities and equipment

3 Mounting pressure equipment

4 Periodic inspection, testing and control equipment under pressure

5 Non-destructive testing of base metal and welded joints on power plants, appliances and equipment, pressure pd, and development of adequate documentation.


For any further questions and questions please contact us.


Director Damir Grbic, tel. +387 65515042

Technical Director, Vukasin Tankosić, tel. +387 65641306

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